The bee that couldn’t fly

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This storybook and DVD provides a precious keepsake in the form of a beautifully illustrated book that combines the benefits of yoga whilst capturing a child’s imagination and enhancing their visualisation. The bee that couldn’t fly has a special emphasis on regulating sleep patterns and boosting the nervous system.

Specially developed for children from the age of 3 to 7 years, the storybook and DVD offers an enchanting opportunity for both adults and children to bond through a fun story combined with yoga.

Created by Blossom Yoga for children, The bee that couldn’t fly embraces the whole child – mind, body, emotions and spirit. It combines the package of story telling, colour imagery, visualisation, language, speech pronunciation, body articulation and drama to build self expression, self esteem and confidence. The creatures and objects in the story are characterised by yoga postures that develop a healthy physical body by keeping the bones strong and aligned, the muscles around them supple and by improving fitness, co-ordination and balance.

This storybook and DVD can play an important role in children’s health by calming down the nervous system. By working with breath and movement the yoga featured here can slow down a child’s heart and breathing rate. This has a profoundly calming influence on a child’s mental and emotional state.

Now watch your child blossom!


Children LOVED it!!! - by Hannah on 26 April 2014
"Fantastic gift for my one and four year old who were gripped from first time they watched it. They now join in all the yoga moves and I love doing it with then before bed time. They love the outfits the twin instructors wear and find the story fun and instructions really clear to understand. The book is beautifully illustrated too. Going to get copies for bday presents as am sure other family and friends will love it as much as we do."

Lots of Fun - By Nisha on 3 Sept. 2014
"Brilliant book and dvd. We've been trying to do it nearly everyday since we received it. Even though the actions can be a bit difficult for my 3 year old, its just fun trying to do it together and falling over and laughing and deciding whether we want to be the bee or butterfly. My 1 year old also tries to muscle in on the action when she can!"

Excerpt from DVD:



Book and DVD contents:

Section One: Warm up - Salutes to the Sun

The warm up helps children to focus and warm up their bodies.

Section Two: The bee that couldn’t fly

The story is divided into three easy to follow parts.
The posture work in the story helps children to strengthen and tone their bodies. The story combined with the postures awakens creativity and fine-tunes the mind.

Section Three: Relaxation and visualisation

The relaxation and visualisation helps to develop children’s concentration and improve their sleep patterns.

Suitable for:

Children from 3 to 7 years of age
Children who love stories
Children of all physical abilities

Use: Who, when and where?

By parents or guardians at any time of the day, including bedtime
By teachers or nursery nurses in the classroom



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