As specialists in yoga classes for pre-school children, Blossom Yoga can assist nurseries in achieving Healthy Tots Status.


“Blossom Yoga is a unique way to enhance your child’s development by weaving the cognitive development of story-telling,  with the movements, postures, and physical actment and body awareness much more so than if both were done separately in isolation. Jacinda is a very charismatic teacher who brings the story instantly alive as soon as she starts the session.

Both as a parent and a Family Fitness Co-ordinator at Melton Mowbray's Children's Centres I could not praise the content and delivery of the sessions highly enough; which is also evident by the excited response and feedback of the children themselves.”

Sean Corvin.  Family Fitness Co-ordinator


Blossom Yoga can contribute towards the themes required for prestigious awards such as National Healthy School Status and ActiveMark status, including Personal Social and Health Education, physical activity, emotional health and wellbeing and healthy eating. 

blossom yoga in nurseries and schools
Blossom Yoga also fulfils many objectives of the PE curriculum and the literacy framework which promotes the use of drama, speaking and listening before writing and the stories and themes can follow aspects of the National Curriculum.
“Feedback from children after being taught by Blossom Yoga has been very positive and some of them have now taken yoga up as a regular hobby. The classes help to develop energy, strength and confidence and leave the children feeling re-energised, calm and ready to focus on learning with a clear mind.

By using different themes like the Olympic Games, which link with our current year 5 topic on Ancient Greece, the yoga classes are even more exciting for the children.”

Tim Sutcliffe. Head Teacher, Glen Hills Primary School


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