Why should I be interested in Blossom Yoga?

Today’s children and teenagers grow up in a busy, stressful and fast paced world, experiencing awkward growing spurts, crazy hormones and powerful media messages about body shapes and sizes. School exams, bullying and parental separation are issues many youngsters face. With less emphasis on PE in schools and more on literacy and numeracy to meet ever demanding education targets, children are being denied their natural freedom of movement, imagination and inherent creativity. Added to which the popularity of television viewing and computer games have led to postural problems and not surprisingly childhood obesity.

Yoga is fast becoming an activity that is recognised for its beneficial effects on young people’s physical, emotional and mental development. Blossom Yoga classes offer a non competitive environment for young people to express themselves and have had great success in supporting youngsters through emotionally and mentally stressful periods.
“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”
Dr Haim Ginott (1922 – 1973)

Benefits of Blossom Yoga

Blossom Yoga develops creativity and expression. It nurtures children without being exclusive and moulds bright, perceptive, sensitive and happy young people. Every part of the child is invigorated – mind, body and spirit.
  • Postures include stretches, back arches, forward bends, twists and inversions which recharge weak immune systems, strengthen core muscles, promote healthy bones, maintain natural flexibility, improve co-ordination, tone bodies and reduce obesity.
  • Balances improve focus, poise, strength and grace.
  • Breathing exercises improve concentration and energy levels. Breathing gives oxygen to the blood, which fuels the body’s cells and removes carbon dioxide. Breathing freely and deeply helps children to keep relaxed and healthy.
  • Relaxation and visualisation techniques clear the mind, allowing for better memory retention and children become calmer with improved sleep patterns.
  • Vocalisation techniques manage emotions and eliminate anxiety and negativity. 
“Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift,
and that is why it’s called the present..”
Wise Master Turtle Dude, Kung Fu Panda
Effects of Blossom Yoga
Regular Blossom Yoga classes can have an important effect on children’s health by calming down the nervous system. By working with breath and movement yoga can slow down a child’s heart and breathing rate. This has a profoundly calming influence on a child’s mental and emotional state.
Blossom Yoga gives children first hand experience of the relationship between posture and mood. During Blossom Yoga classes they learn how manipulating posture can create a positive state of mind and counteract a negative one. Backbends such as Bridge and Snake open the heart and make us feel bright and alive. Forward bends such as Sitting Sandwich and Butterfly are soothing and make us feel calm and rested.

Blossom Yoga classes have proven to be invaluable for pre-school children by providing the opportunity to develop a healthy physical body whilst stimulating creative thinking and intellectual growth. The life of the child cannot be separated into the physical and intellectual, but must be one whole, especially at an early age when children are constructing themselves.
As children approach the teenage years and experience accelerated rates of physical, mental and emotional growth, fluctuating hormonal blocks can form, which can affect emotional behaviour. Glands in the body secrete hormones, which play a vital role in behaviour and mood during adolescent years. Blossom Yoga helps to balance the hormonal system with subtle massage and bad moods can be soothed with yoga and relaxation.

Regular Blossom Yoga classes teach young people to become mindful, which is the ability to immerse yourself completely in the moment without becoming distracted. Children and teenagers benefit greatly from mindfulness – their powers of concentration improve and they develop greater awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Instead of being scattered, they become focused and attentive.

              “Reach for the sky!”
               Toy Story

Parent testimonial

 “You have helped [child] to develop the ability to be socially, the confident, enchanting beautiful child that we know. They no longer rely on us to support their confidence when out and about. I feel that this is because during your classes they have gained self belief and self worth. The occupational therapist that [child] has seen has discharged them since they joined Blossom Yoga.

They said that [child] is able to do things that shouldn't be physically possible with their generalised ligmentousous laxity; I recognise that this is down to the positive benefits that yoga brings to their body. I'm so grateful that we found your classes, and for the kindness and patience you show to [child]. I want you to know that we are both appreciative and thankful for all that you strive to achieve, and believe in the holistic benefits of what you teach." - (03/2015)